Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stem Cells

For the purpose of the class I'm taking, I'll be making three kinds of posts:

1) script -> the class at our university does not have podcasting, so I will be transcribing a misspelling-prone version of near-verbatim of the lectures.  Please find it here:
I have little time to spellcheck or grammar check, so please comment if you find something confusing that I can clarify!

2) study guide -> this will be prepared prior to every exam.  hopefully it helps!

3) list of papers -> a significant portion of this class involves reading primary documentation, so I will be listing citations of the papers we read (and that will contain info that I will probably include in my study guides).

Ready for stem cells!

Thank you!

Hello!  I've been missing for a while (read as "not taking science classes").  This semester I will be back with Stem Cell Biology.

I've just discovered that this blog has rocketed in pageviews over the course of the past several months.  I'm not sure what happened, but at least half of my total pageviews have come from Belgium.  Not sure who's reading up on science, but I certainly hope it helps!  It's very encouraging to know people are looking at what I post, since the purpose of this is to try and share science in a more understandable and explained way than the condensed jargon-dense speech of textbooks.