Thursday, May 10, 2012

Development Biology Exam 3 (Final but not comprehensive)

And don't forget to check out fly battle vids:

and fly sex vids:

*5/13/12 edit: Thanks to Nadav who pointed out this nuance: stem cells can renew indefinitely, and progenitor cells can also self-renew, but only for a few more rounds.

*5/14/12 edit: More for future sake, it's not unoplakin but uroplakin in 4/13/12 lecture (which makes so much more sense i.e. ureter and all that) AND for 4/18/12 lecture, I wrote in for bone marrow transplantation that one needs mice clones, but actually that's not necessary.  Using naked mice means they don't have an immune system to reject transplants anyway.  The reason that's difficult in humans is you can't irradiate a human to ablate leukocytes (I mean you could, but who'd let you?)