Thursday, May 10, 2012

Development Biology Exam 3 (Final but not comprehensive)

And don't forget to check out fly battle vids:

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*5/13/12 edit: Thanks to Nadav who pointed out this nuance: stem cells can renew indefinitely, and progenitor cells can also self-renew, but only for a few more rounds.

*5/14/12 edit: More for future sake, it's not unoplakin but uroplakin in 4/13/12 lecture (which makes so much more sense i.e. ureter and all that) AND for 4/18/12 lecture, I wrote in for bone marrow transplantation that one needs mice clones, but actually that's not necessary.  Using naked mice means they don't have an immune system to reject transplants anyway.  The reason that's difficult in humans is you can't irradiate a human to ablate leukocytes (I mean you could, but who'd let you?)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Dev Bio Exam 2 Notes

Part 1
Part 2

Notes from 3/16/12 (when I was sick, so these are neat notes courtesy of Angela Hsieh)

Part 3
Part 4

The scanner and I had a few more spats, so if you can't read anything, leave a comment or email/fbook me and I'll translate :D

****4/8/12 UPDATE
Edit to notes from 3/9/12:  nodal is expressed in LPM not "central plate mesoderm."

Edit to last diagram from 4/6/12: the yellow boxes or "sclerotome" split and rejoin, not the blue ovals of the myotome.

Edit to description of trunk NCCs from 3/14/12: trunk NCC migration in the dorsolateral direction is inhibited by both slit and ephrin.  At first glance, ephrin as a repulsor may seem counterintuitive since ephrin is a cell-cell adhesion molecule.  But as it turns out, ephrin to ephrin receptor binding can result in both adhesion and repulsion, depending on relative levels of expression of both molecules (the details of which are beyond of the scope of lecture).

Many thanks to Nadav Nahumi for pointing out these errors.  If anyone else spots some, please notify me.

Monday, February 27, 2012

In preparation for DevBio exam 1 in two days!!! Our professor talks really fast (despite being interesting at the same time) so I provide these transcribed notes in case you are missing something.  And you now have something to follow with the podcasts.  :D

Because I was squabbling with the scanner, I had to scan it in 4 parts.  The first part being the first page.....yeah..  Enjoy!

DevBio Exam 1 teaser (a.k.a. page 1):
DevBio Exam 1 section 2:
DevBio Exam 1 section 3:
DevBio Exam 1 section 4:

Note: there are a few Q's on the side panels--you can ignore some of those.  I pestered our professor with those, and they are mostly out of scope of the lecture he said.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Return of the Unofficial TA!

Hello all,

I'm back this semester with Development Biology (while attempting to study for MCATs the same semester).  The given textbook is dense and difficult to read, but our professor does cover a great deal in lecture, so I will be posting my lecture notes (there will also be lots of drawings!!!).  If there is demand for a study guide or review session, let me know (either you know how to find me, or leave a comment).

Happy studying.