Monday, February 27, 2012

In preparation for DevBio exam 1 in two days!!! Our professor talks really fast (despite being interesting at the same time) so I provide these transcribed notes in case you are missing something.  And you now have something to follow with the podcasts.  :D

Because I was squabbling with the scanner, I had to scan it in 4 parts.  The first part being the first page.....yeah..  Enjoy!

DevBio Exam 1 teaser (a.k.a. page 1):
DevBio Exam 1 section 2:
DevBio Exam 1 section 3:
DevBio Exam 1 section 4:

Note: there are a few Q's on the side panels--you can ignore some of those.  I pestered our professor with those, and they are mostly out of scope of the lecture he said.